Basic Fire Awareness

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places a responsibility on all employers and business owners to provide employees with adequate fire safety training. This training should be regularly refreshed and evidence of training recorded in the fire log book.

The course is roughly 3 hours of learning designed to provide an awareness to all employees on the hazards of fire in the workplace as well as basic actions in the event of fire and fire prevention.

The syllabus includes information on:

  • Fire safety regulations and legislation
  • Definition and duties of the ‘Responsible Person’
  • Types and classifications of fire
  • Common causes of fire in the workplace – hazard spottting
  • Fire safety features in buildings
  • Action on discovering a fire & Evacuation procedures
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Daily and weekly fire safety checks
  • Record keeping

The course content is flexible to ensure that every WorkSafe Basic Fire Awareness programme is relevant to your specific workplace and employees.

All students will receive the WorkSafe Fire Safety student training pack which contains the WorkSafe Fire Safety reference manual for use during the course and post course reference.

Assessment of this course is via a short written summative assessment to ensure candidates have the required basic knowledge to keep the workplace safe from fire.

A certificate will be awarded and is valid for 3 years.